Oklahoma Blood Institute

John Armitage, M.D.
President, CEO
1001 N. Lincoln Blvd.
Oklahoma City, OK 73104
Phone: 405/278-3100

Who:  All healthy adults are encouraged to give blood.  Age and weight criteria:

  • 16 years old; ≥ 125 lbs. with parental consent
  • 17 years old; ≥ 125 lbs.
  • 18 years or older; ≥ 110 lbs.

Getting older does not make people ineligible to donate.  People who feel well and can do normal day-to-day activities can probably donate. People can give blood every 56 days

When:  Giving blood only takes about one hour.  Donors can call 877-340-8777 or go online at http://www.obi.org/ to schedule an appointment to give blood.

Where:Oklahoma Blood Institute (OBI) has locations across Oklahoma - - - in Tulsa, Ardmore, Ada, Lawton, Enid and four in the OKC-metro area. Many convenient blood drives are also held each week in schools, businesses and communities across the state.  To find hours of operation or a drive in your area, visit www.obi.org


  • The need for blood donations is constant.  Patients in Oklahoma hospitals have needs 365-days-a-year, whether it's for scheduled treatments or for emergencies.  Since there is no substitute for human blood, supplies must be constantly renewed.
  • Of the 38% of those who are eligible to donate blood in the U.S., less than ten percent actually donate each year. 
  • Every two seconds someone needs blood.  Each unit of blood donated can save the lives of up to three people.
  • Although all blood types are needed, those with O Negative type blood are especially encouraged to donate.  According to American Association of Blood Banks (AABB), those with O Negative blood type make up only nine percent of the national population; however, O Negative blood can be used by anyone in emergency need when a patient's blood type has not yet been identified.

What is Oklahoma Blood Institute?

  • OBI manages the life-saving donations from nearly 248,000 individuals each year.

  • Volunteer blood donors give some 295,000 units of blood annually.

  • Once tested and processed by OBI's medical professionals, blood and its components are transported to patients across our state.  
  • OBI provides every drop of blood needed by patients in more than 160 medical facilities across Oklahoma. 

  •  All Oklahoma City-area hospitals and 90 percent around the state rely on donors with Oklahoma Blood Institute to meet their patients' needs.

  • Oklahoma Blood Institute is the nineth largest, independent non-profit blood center in the United States.

  • It has affiliate blood centers in Arkansas and north Texas.


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